Sell your commercial property fast to experts who wont let you down

Retail Building

Are you looking to sell a retail building? Whether you own a shopping centre, a small shop or a number of retail buildings across London, or anywhere else in the UK, we’ll be interested to talking to you about buying it. Regardless of size, location, condition, age or reason, we’re interested in buying your retail property.

We are specialists in commercial property. We’ve been helping businesses free up the cash locked in their retail properties for over 30 years. Our sales process is straightforward, and can deliver a sale quickly without the fuss of an agent or viewings. We understand the retail property marketplace, don’t have to do lots of research into the right price for your property, and have funds readily available to enable a quick, cash sale.

We understand that these types of properties have the potential to generate a steady cash flow from the moment you begin letting out the space. However, there are risks that can harm that investment and lead to some business owners not being able to continue to run the space due to the decline in demand for retail space or no longer being able to afford the overheads. If this sounds familiar, we can assist you.

If you’re running a retail business from the property then we offer the service of sale and leaseback, the process of selling your retail space to us and then we lease it back to you at a fair price. This service is ideal for those who require the release of quick cash but still want to maintain control of their business.