Why work with us

Same Day decision

We are investing our own money, therefore we do not need to consult with third parties. We can make you an offer today!

Cash Purchase

We have funds available ready to buy your property right away and as a result, there is no delay or risks of the deal not happening.

48 Hour Exchange

We can exchange on the purchase within 48 hours of agreeing the price, if required depending on legal processing steps.

No Agents involved

No estate agents involved and no estate agency fees for you to pay. Therefore none of the issues normally involved with Estate Agents

With us everything stacks up

“We wanted to raise cash funds quickly but whilst staying in occupation of our property, so selling the property and leasing it back to us allowed this to happen. I can’t thank the team enough!”
“I was told by local agents that it would take 6-8 months to sell my property, but I needed the cash sooner as I ran into financial trouble. Completed the sale in a matter of days from my first call with them.”
“I tried to sell my property through local agents and they couldn’t sell it in 6 months, managed to buy the property in 48 hours.”
“Unfortunately, I had to shut my company down and I needed to sell my office as I couldn’t pay the hold costs. Bought the property for a great price and their team was very helpful.”
“I am not a property person at all and had no idea what to do with my property, explained everything to me and made it clear throughout the whole process and they bought the property from me for a great price!”
“stuck to their word and kept to the timescales that they promised me, my property was sold and the money was in my account in 10 days. There was no hassle at all.”
“Max was really professional and not a telesales man at all, there was no pressure from. However, we needed the money ASAP and the whole process was straight forward.”

How it works

Full information on property provided

Get started

We would provide an offer normally within 24 hour

On acceptance of the offer solicitors will be instructed

Exchange can take place within 48 hours of legal papers being received.

A 10% deposit will be paid to the solicitor.

Completion can be fixed to suit you

Market Options

Other Buyers

2-4 weeks


Property Auctions

4-10 weeks


Property Agents

16-24 weeks


We Buy Property

48 hours


Flexible Option

Flexible Selling Options

Quick Sale

We will work with you to meet your desired timescales and strive to purchase your property fast - subject of course to valuation and contract.

Want a valuation

Sale And Lease Back

There are often occasions where property owners are looking to release equity, but remain in the property. One way of achieving this is with sale and lease back.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you still buying through COVID pandemic?
    Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we are still buying shops, offices, industrial property, houses and flats. Most property owners have seen their properties fall in value as tenants struggle to pay their rent. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • Will you buy my property?
    We will consider buying almost any commercial property regardless of its size, location or condition. Our team has extensive knowledge of the UK commercial property market and our experienced team of professionals work with you to reach an agreeable sales figure thats acceptable for both sides.
  • How quickly can I sell?
    We will work with you to meet your desired timescales and are able to buy your property fast - subject of course to valuation and contract. Check out our time scale options for further information.
  • What kind of properties do you buy?
    We will consider all types of office premises ranging from small self-contained units to large office blocks in most major UK towns and cities. To find out if your property is suitable please contact us.
  • Will you buy if my property is vacant?
    We will consider buying vacant commercial properties so if you have a vacant building you wish to sell. To find out if your property is suitable please contact us.
  • Do you consider 'sale and lease back'?
    We will always consider this arrangement when requested. You should always seek independent professional advice before entering transactions of this nature.
  • Can you help if my property is facing repossession?
    We can still assist if you are facing repossession too. Where we have agreed to buy your property, we are able to complete transactions fast (subject to contract) providing you with the urgently needed funds to pay off your debts before the property is repossessed.